Our vision

Facilitate the expansion of sustainable agriculture
that preserves natural resources and regenerates the soil

PermaTechnics sprang from the idea that smallholder farming is better placed to tackle the environmental challenges, and those linked to climate change, but that smallholders need an overall management tool to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Regenerative agriculture, as practised by smallholders, requires more manual labour. Though a good thing in itself, this unfortunately further increases their competitive disadvantage vis-à-vis conventional growers.
But this approach does permit higher yields while lowering the consumption of water and inputs and enabling the soil to regenerate.

Cutting back on nitrogen fertilisers is critical here, as by far the greatest part of them is not absorbed by the crops targeted. Rather, it is lost into the groundwater in the form of nitrites or it evaporates as nitrous oxide, which is 296 times more atmosphere-warming than CO₂!
And with regard to yield, there’s a lot at stake,
as Wallonia is only 17% self-sufficient in vegetables!

Mission Statement

PermaTechnics aims to provide technical solutions to those who practise regenerative agriculture, so enabling them to increase their yields and profitability.

Its founders are executives in technology companies and decided to use their experience in order to meet this challenge.

Jean-Marie Arnould

Didrik Pinte

Emilie Peiffer

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